Bellaire maps water plan

BELLAIRE – Bellaire Street Department Supervisor Dan Marling reported to village council that the water department and board of public affairs have developed a plan to tackle the water billing and meter reading issues plaguing the village.

It will be a three-phase process, the first of which will begin shortly.

“The board, myself and (Councilman Jim) Williams met for three hours Monday and met with Jody Davis. We came up with a plan that will help with a lot of our issues,” Marling said.

Phase I will see workers heading out to village homes and businesses that are currently utilizing manually-read meters and make each capable of being read remotely.

“We’ve identified all of the locations with manual read meters and there are 93 of them,” Marling said. “When the water guys are not out fixing breaks and changing, they will be supporting these meters and put remotes in all of them so that the whole town will be remote readable.”

Once that is complete, Phase II will commence.

That entails installing remote-readable meters at all locations in town that currently are unmetered.

Admittedly, this phase will take a little longer.

“We’ve had varying estimates and right now, I don’t have a good number for you on how many locations are without a meter entirely,” Marling told council. “That number has been all over the place but we will determine these locations and put updated meters in.”

Phase III will be an ongoing process as it is primarily associated with maintaining the system to ensure all of the remote-readable meters are working and being read properly.

Marling believes this will help clear up any billing and reading issues as well as make the process more streamlined, including for Davis, who works in the water department office.

Marling also reported that the village’s garbage packers have undergone the repair process and all three are working currently.

He also wished to thank Mike Clark who assisted the village in helping to repair its suction truck.