Counterfeit Money Being Passed Locally

Counterfeit money is making the rounds at Ohio Valley high schools.

Several local schools are reporting bogus money turning up in their schools during athletic events.

St. Clairsville High athletic director Kelly Rine reports $250 in counterfeit bills were passed at last week’s St. Clairsville vs. Buckeye Local football game. The counterfeit bills were used at the concession stand.

Fake money has also turned up in St. Clairsville Monday night during the Red Devils’ sectional volleyball and sectional soccer game.

In addition, Wheeling Park High School is also reporting $280 in counterfeit money was collected for a band booster raffle. Bridgeport High School also took in $70 worth of counterfeit bills during a volleyball game on Oct. 9.

Shadyside is not immune from the scam, also at the concession stand at a football game.

According to High School Principal John Haswell, the concession stand, ran by the band parents, had $280 worth of counterfeit bills come into their stand.

The money was four $50 bills and four $20 bills. Each of the sets of bills had identical serial numbers.