Daily Bread Center celebrates anniversary

The Daily Bread Center has been in operation for one year and with the support of the community of Martins Ferry, our efforts have exceeded expectation. The Daily Bread Center is a cooperative mission of eleven partner churches in Martins Ferry, Ohio to provide a food pantry for the low income families of the Martins Ferry School District.

The partner churches, the many volunteers, and the financial support of this community have made this great work possible.

People have come together to care for our neighbors. Each partner church has a member representative serving on the Board of Directors, which is moving forward in the process of registering as a non-profit corporation.

Since the Daily Bread Center began our operation at 418 Walnut Street, Martins Ferry, in August of 2011 we have averaged 220 households a month, including 195 children and 65 seniors. Each month, the Daily Bread Center provides food for 5200 meals. The total cost of operation for the year has been $23,700.

The Raise The Dough Campaign in the fall of 2011 met the challenge gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Everson.

A monthly gift from The Citizens Bank pays the rent and utilities of the center. Partner churches support the Center financially, along with many community businesses. Individual, business and church donations have totaled more than $48,000 in our first year of operation. Donations can be mailed to Daily Bread Center, PO Box 416, Martins Ferry, OH 43935.

Each client household must provide a photo identification and proof of current residence such as a utility bill, and verify that the income meets the qualifications as provided by the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

The Center is open two times each week, for two hours. The Daily Bread Center is open on the every Tuesday (except the second Tuesday for delivery) from 10AM Noon, the first, third, and fifth Thursday from 5-7PM and the second and fourth Saturday from 10AM to Noon. Telephone 740-309-3063.