Mandel stops in St.C.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE U.S. Senate candidate candidate Josh Mandel is currently traveling across Ohio, talking to citizens. Mandel made an appearance Friday at the Belmont County Election Office to promote early voting and remind voters that the nation is watching Ohio.

“There are two main reasons, I am here today. One, I want to encourage voters to vote early for Romney and myself to protect coal jobs,” Mandel said. “The second is the war on coal being led by (President Barack) Obama and (Senator Sherrod) Brown.”

Mandel stood before the tour bus parked in the Riesbeck’s parking lot talking to those who came out about the war on coal and what he, if elected, could do for those caught in the cross fire of this war.

“I believe coal, oil and gas that we have in Ohio and America are assets and are a strentgh for the economy and also America. I believe we should utilize more of these assets to keep our people working and our country safe,” Mandel said. “Unfortunately, Obama and Brown are trying to kill coal jobs right here in East Ohio.

The people of Belmont County should know that I will take a backseat to no one when it comes to protecting coal jobs throughout Ohio.”

For Mandel, this election is summed up into one simple question: “Is Washington working across the state?” which he states Washington is broken and in need of new leaders. But he states that change will not come if President Obama is re-elected.

“One of the other frustrations citizens have with Washington is that they think Brown and other career politicians are living by another set of rules. For instance, we manage our family and small business budgets but in Washington, it’s been over three years since (Washington) passed a budget,” said Mandel, who points out that politicians in Washington have borrowed over a trillion dollars from China.

“When it comes to fiscal responsibility, these career politicians in Washington can learn a little something from what I’ve done in the Ohio Treasurer’s office We’ve earned the highest rating in our bonds, triple-A ratings on our investment portfolio,” said Mandel. “(We are) up over two billion dollars since the day I took office.”

Mandel believes that Obama and Brown should be ashamed of themselves for using tax money in countries like Libya, Egypt and Pakistan, when the money could be used here for the American people. Along with the war on coal and budgets, Mandel discussed his thoughts on the currents government take on health care.

“For some reason, Obama and Brown thought it was a good idea for the government to take over our health care system, but we the people want to be able to make our own health care decisions without politicians telling us what doctor we can see or what procedure we can have.”

Mandel graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor Degree and has a Law Degree from Case Western Reserve University. In 2000, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. In his eight years as a Marine, he completed two tours in Iraq. He currently lives in northeast Ohio with his wife, Ilana.

“As a Marine Corp vet that did a couple tours in Iraq, I will do everything I can to fight for the vets in Eastern Ohio and throughout the state,” said Mandel. “Those men and women who sacrificed for freedom deserve to be treated with honor and respect when they come home.”

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