Prisoner housing agreement reached

WOODSFIELD -An agreement for housing prisoners from Monroe County in the Jefferson County jail was approved Monday by the Monroe County commissioners.

The cost to Monroe County for housing the prisoners is $55 a day as full compensation for supervising, confining and boarding each prisoner. Monroe County is responsible for providing transportation to the jail in Steubenville.

Monroe County, according to the agreement, also will pay or reimburse Jefferson County for any expenses incurred in regard to medical, surgical, dental or mental health services, including medicines and surgical operations, involving the prisoners.

The agreement became effective Monday and will continue until Dec. 31, 2012, and will automatically renew for a 12-month period from year to year, Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 and “thereafter, unless either party shall give the other party written notice of its intent not to renew said agreement thirty days before the anniversary date (first day of January) …”

Sheriff Charles R. Black presented the agreement at the commissioners’ meeting.

Black also was in one of the four executive sessions held during the meeting. After he and Matt Brake of Swiss Valley Associates, coordinator of the 911 emergency system, talked with commissioners about the 911 budget, Black requested and was granted an executive session in regard to personnel.

Phil Keevert, director of the Monroe County Emergency Management Agency, and commissioners were in executive session in regard to personnel and salaries, and those also were the topics in another executive session with Dog Warden Rhonda Piatt.

Still another executive session was held during a telephone conversation with Jason Hammon, representing Silverload Consulting Professional Services concerning a contract.

No action was taken on the aforementioned topics discussed in executive sessions.

During the afternoon, commissioners and Jeanette Harter, who handles finances for the commissioners, met to discuss 2013 budgets.