Shelter project encounters snag in Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT – The construction of a Community Shelter adjacent to Irene Ehni Memorial Softball Field has hit a snag.

According to Bridgeport Rotary Club President D. William Davis, the bid was received for the joint-effort project, that of $238,000 by Kenco Construction, of Bridgeport, was more than double that of the original price tag of $100,000.

Partnering with the Rotary Club is the Bridgeport Exempted Village School District, which owns the land.

“A lot of the extra cost was to raise the shelter out of the flood plain like five feet,” Davis explained. “They have to put block all the way around and support the concrete floor with a lot of steel rebar and things like that. Plus, the fill dirt. That would have been very costly.”

Original plans for the nearly 2,000 square foot facility called for his/her restrooms, a full kitchen area and seating for approximately 100 people.

“We’re going to go ahead and build the shelter as originally planned, but we’re going to do it in shifts,” Davis continued. “We’re not going to do the restrooms and kitchen area right now. Those will be done at a later date.”

He said those projects would be built above the flood plain, and that some type of ramp would make them handicapped accessible.

“We just want to get the shelter built right now,” he added, noting that construction would start in early spring of next year with hopes the 30-foot by 60-foot structure is completed by Memorial Day weekend.

“That’s our goal. To have it completed by the summer.”

He noted that once the bids are re-submitted, he expects the cost to be somewhere around the original estimation.

Although the project has hit a stumbling block, fundraising projects are still ongoing.

There are four levels for donors to choose from. They range from Platinum ($7,000 or more); Gold ($5,000-$6,999); Silver ($3,000-$4,999); and bronze ($1,000-$2,999).

All of the above donors will be recognized on a dedication placard to be placed at the site.

Bricks are available and will be used in walkways and patio areas surrounding the shelter.

A small paver (4″x8″ up to 3 lines, 20 characters each) is $100. A large paver (8″x8″ up to 6 lines, 20 characters each) is $250. A 16″x16″ granite stone (engraved as space allows) is $750, and a 32″x32″ granite stone (engraved as space allows) is $1,200.

To purchase a brick, please remit to Weaver at the above address.

” This is a major endeavor for our club and we are soliciting the community’s business leaders and residents for donations to help with the cost of construction,” Davis added. “After completion, the facility will be managed by the Bridgeport School District.

“Everyone in the district will have access to its use. It can be used for family events, as well as a concession facility for sporting events at the field, and as an outdoor classroom.”

District superintendent Ted Downing said, “This is a great project. Rotary helped build the softball field and over $50,000 was raised for that construction. They wanted to take it a step further, and this is where we are at.”

To submit a donation, or purchase a brick, send payment to Bridgeport Rotary Club, c/o Bob Weaver, Treasurer, 896 National Road, Bridgeport, OH, 43912.

North can be reached at