Street, sewer upgrades in St. C.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Ongoing infrastructure improvement projects were reviewed during Monday night’s city council meeting.

Service Director Dennis Bigler reported that the dry year and the level at the reservoir had necessitated the city purchasing additional county water, although current spending had been curtailed.

Work is also being completed on two manholes at Walnut Drive and Clark Road. Bigler said this should correct the problem of employees being unable to reach the plugs.

Also, the second screw pump is in operation. Work will begin on the third one. A new gear box may be purchased for about $3,500. Bigler noted that the equipment is 30 years old and is in continuous use.

There has also been dirty water reported due to broken or closed valves that had not been reopened. Valves are being replaced on Circle Drive and Bethel Lane Hill. Dead end lines are also being looped, with completion expected soon.

A permit has been obtained from the state EPA for a water bag for chemical sludge waste at the water plant. A similar process is used at the wastewater plant, where water is removed from the waste product. The city could see an additional savings of $15,000 annually, since dredging the ponds is rendered unnecessary.

Also, the screening system for the wastewater plant is being installed. It should start working Oct. 27.

In other matters, Mayor Robert Vincenzo noted ongoing patching of alleys in preparation for winter. Leaf pickup is also expected to begin Nov. 1.

Vincenzo also suggested purchasing a sewer flusher.

Additionally, work on the reservoir bridge over I-70 is expected to be complete soon, with the detour through the city expected to be taken away Nov. 1. This should mean a halt to large trucks being detoured though the city.

“It will no longer be a camel trying to go through the eye of a needle,” he said.

He added that employees had been required to drive 2.5 extra miles to reach the street and electric garages.

In regards to the fairgrounds and the all-weather track the school and the city had installed around the football field, work will begin this week on the south side to provide access to the football field and fair for buses and emergency vehicles. The school has obtained material for the project.

In other matters, council passed an ordinance authorizing the purchase of a trailer mounted high pressure sewer line cleaner under the cooperative purchasing program with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services and authorizing an expenditure in excess of $25,000.

Council held the third reading of an ordinance to adopt a stormwater maintenance plan.

The Board of Zoning Affairs will meet Oct. 26, 4:30 p.m. to review a variance for a proposed single family home.

Council Member Frank Sabatino reported a successful open house for the fire department Oct. 7. The next fire department meeting is set for Oct. 31, 4 p.m.

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