Switzerland of Ohio asking for PI levy

WOODSFIELD The Switzerland of Ohio Local School District will have the Permanent Improvement Levy up for vote on Nov. 6.

Switzerland of Ohio is seeking the approval of a new 2.5 mill, three year levy for the school district. This levy is identical to the levy that was in place from 1995-2011, until it was voted down in 2011. Since it was defeated, it must be placed back on the ballot this November.

The PI Levy is critical to Switzerland of Ohio because it pays for such things as updated text books, transportation, classroom technology and repair equipment at Swiss Hills Career Center. Since the levy’s failure, the general fund has been picking up the expenses that the PI Levy covered.

Due to the money coming from the general fund, major purchases, such as new buses, have been put off.

Switzerland of Ohio School District is the largest school district in Ohio, expanding over 546 miles. It is estimated that buses travel over 5,000 miles a day to get children to and from school, not to mention the extra activities such as volley ball games.

The bulk of the PI Levy will go toward safe transportation with all the hard miles that these buses. Some of the buses that carry children to school everyday have over 300,000 miles and are dated back to 1988-1990. Up-to-date technology and textbook for classrooms.

This money can not be used for anything else but items that are going to last more then five years. This money can not go towards the construction of the new schools that the district is currently building.

Another thing the money will go towards is the update of equipment at Swiss Hills Career Center.

“The District is committed to improving its relationship with the community and fixing the problems that have plaqued this district for many years,” said Lance Erlwein, Treasurer of Switzerland of Ohio School District. “Our commitment to you goes far beyond this levy.”

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