Times Leader unveils revamped CU website

MARTINS FERRY – The software that powers CU, the online photo galleries that are part of TimesLeaderOnline.com is being replaced with a new, more powerful program.

Users of the site will notice increased speed when they look through different galleries of the section because of the more up-to-date software that drives the site.

The switch is a frest start, meaning that photos that existed on the old CU site will not be part of the new one.

Since CU first started, the dynamic of how photos are shared has changed greatly. More people now share personal photos through sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Because of this, the new CU will only feature photos produced by the newspaper.

The functionality of the new software shoudl allow us to upload photos in a more timely fashion and allow the reader to view them without having tow ait a long time for galleries to load.

Readers will still be able to purchase photos from local events and they will still find the site at cu.timesleaderonline.com.