Two miners rescued

TWO MEN survived a harrowing experience Wednesday.

The pair was rescued from a coal mine in Hopedale after the roof of the mine collapsed. The incident happened around 9:30 a.m., trapping Gary Dulkoski and another man.

According to reports, the men are safe and with their families.

Bruce Hand, general manager of the Hopedale Mine, said crews worked to excavate the collapsed area until mid-afternoon. Rescue crews opened a route to reach Dulkoski and his fellow miner.

The rescue was delayed until workers reinforced the roof to make it safe for them to travel out.

Hand said the Hopedale Mine produces around one million tons of coal a year.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration from Cadiz and the Ohio Mine Rescue Team were at the scene for the duration of the rescue.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources released a statement around 8 p.m. Wednesday regarding the incident.

In the statement, ODNR indicated the miners were rescued by Hopedale Mining staff at approximately 7 p.m. Wednesday.

The ODNR reports that both miners are in good condition. Both ODNR and the Federal MSHA worked together with company miners and officials in executing the rescue, according to reports.