Vehicle break-ins prompt warnings

SHADYSIDE – Thirty-one parked cars were broken into late Thursday night in Shadyside between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m.

Many of the vehicles broken into were located on the western portion of town.

According to assistant police chief Don Collette, most of the cars were unlocked.

“People need to lock their cars, houses and garages,” said Officer Collette. “People didn’t hear a thing.”

Loose change was taken from a majority of the vehicles. A few had various items such as CDs and jewelry taken. One GPS unit was lifted from a vehicle.

Collette said the department has a few suspects in mind, but as of Friday night, nothing definite has been identified and no arrests have been made.

Collette wished to stress to residents that if they see anything suspicious, especially late at night, to notify the police department by calling either 911 (740) 676-4023. Those who do call in do not have to leave their name or any additional information.

“Reminder, now that the cold weather is coming, when warming up a car, (that is left unattended), do not leave it unlocked,” said Collette.

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