Barnesville residents seek more protection

BARNESVILLE-Residents from Morgantown Lane and Pine Lane presented Mayor Ron Bischof and council members with more than 100 signatures on two petitions in an effort to get more police attention in their neighborhood.

Ongoing speeding and other traffic violations have them frustrated and concerned for the many small children and young families who walk and congregate on the streets. “We’re not tearing down the police department, and we know they can’t be everywhere 24-7,” a Morgantown Lane resident told council. “But we hope you have some ideas-temporary speed bumps even.”

One resident relayed an incident in which a car passed another motorist who was doing the speed limit. In another instance, a baby was hurt when a speeding car forced the baby’s mother to shove the stroller out of the way of the car, and it overturned. The fall broke the baby’s arm, and the speeding car never stopped.

Mayor Bischof expressed his concern and assured them he would discuss the issue with Police Chief Dave Norris. He suggested that residents try to pinpoint times during the day when traffic is worse and try to take down license plate numbers and/or descriptions of offending vehicles to determine whether the same cars are causing the problems.

Council members gave the okay for the “Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall” to set up in Memorial Park from May 7 to 11, 2014. Preparations are in progress, and the group putting it together from Freebird Motoworx is working on raising $17,000 for the event; $5,000 needs to be in place as a deposit by Jan. 7, 2013. The wall, a scale replica of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., must be lit 24 hours per day and will be under guard. On-site computers with a “locator” program will allow family members to find names of their loved ones on the wall.

Council also approved an amended appropriation of $596,975.00 as well as Pay Ordinance #23 for $57,508.43 with an additional $38,698.26. Fiscal officer Darla Fuller noted that the Village delivered the check for $500,000.00 to the Belmont County Port Authority on Friday as an advance on the industrial park water line construction costs. The Port Authority will be reimbursing the advance with approved state grant funds.

Fire Chief Bob Smith asked council to remove Brian Sellers from the fire department roster and add Larry Lee to the fire department and EMS rosters, which they did. The topics of holiday pay and uniform allowances for the emergency squad are still under review, but should progress this week.

Fuller said that she has found software that will organize and keep track of cemetery lots. She said the software is user friendly and will make locating lots and monitoring work orders much easier. Mayor Bischof noted that a community service worker will be doing some maintenance at the park and cemetery.

Members approved additional monies, up to $1,000 total, for the Village of Barnesville Christmas party.

The village received a thank you from the Watt Center for roof repair assistance.

The Barnesville Village Council meets every other Monday at 7 p.m.

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