Bridgeport receives $8,000

BRIDGEPORT – Village Council came together Tuesday evening for its monthly meeting, and heard a reading of a new collection charge ordinance, some money coming in and road repair highlights, as the village heads into the winter months.

The village received monies from AT&T for overpayment of fees for a siren that had been disconnected for some time. The company reimbursed the village more than $8K in unnecessary charges.

The new Bridgeport Police cruiser is now sitting outside the police station. In the near future, the stickers will go on, and residents will be seeing the new Dodge Charger patrolling local streets.

The first reading for an ordinance revising collection rates was read before council. The revisions include straight forward coverage of the rising expenditures, fees and rates for the services.

The service will increase each dwelling from $12 to $15, churches and small business $17 to $20, commercial non-dumpster establishments from $35 to $38, and commercial properties with dumpster at a few cents per yard.

The second reading will be on Dec. 18, and the third Jan. 15, 2013, if anyone has questions.

Several areas are being worked on around the village as the holiday season and winter months approach. Problem potholes, curbs, and catch basins are being observed and repaired for proper drainage.

Grave and cremation charges have been increased on a higher level for the village, which will raise the overall total of the service.

The village will not be raising its share, only applying the necessary rate changes of the other parties.

Members of council look into sanitation trucks upgrades, which will be happening in the coming months. Research is being done on the correct course of action; with a resolution coming in the coming weeks as bid announcements will be posted.

The next village council meeting will be on Dec. 18 on Main Street.

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