Coffland back to work after re-election

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Commissioner Matt Coffland concluded his successful re-election campaign last week and returned to work in his next term of office.

He added that he was grateful to his constituents for their continued trust in him.

“I’d like to thank the residents of Belmont County,” he said.

He noted taking part in numerous county accomplishments during the past term, including the long-awaited Neffs sanitary sewer project, work on Victory Road, and initiatives aimed at creating a more business-friendly environment.

“The past four years I’ve worked hard to move forward,” he said, adding that the commissioners have also made a priority of staying in the budget.

Other improvements include upgrades to the mall and Mall Road.

There are also decisions to be made on the future of county services. Among these is the issue of whether to place the county’s senior services under its own agency or continue to offer them through the management of the Department of Job and Family Services.

“I’m completely against any change,” Coffland said, adding that under DJFS the program is currently helping more people for less money. He complimented the effort and expertise of the staff. “The program is running better than ever.”

He noted other ongoing concerns such as the water and sewer systems and roadways and improvements to highways and byways.

In addition, Coffland noted that county leaders would continue to work with ongoing cuts to local government funds. Coffland said another important battle was the fight to see oil and gas taxes put back into the host counties for improvements to infrastructure.

Coffland said he would continue to work with department heads for a smooth and efficient administrative workplace.

He will also continue to visit the residents and respond to their issues.

“I listen to people, hear their concerns, wants and needs and try to fulfill them as best I can,” he said.

His office number is (740) 699-2155.