Kettle Kickoff now under way

ST.?CLAIRSVILLE — The Belmont County Salvation Army and Ohio Valley Mall came together Thursday to kick off Kettle Season.

Each year, the Salvation Army collects for hundreds of local residents who need a helping hand during the holiday season.

Music in the center of the newly reopened and renovated Ohio Valley Mall was provided via two area schools. The Martins Ferry Ensemble and St. John Chorus came together for a few of our favorite Christmas tunes, as residents gathered to listen along before getting some early shopping done.

Two local entities helped jump-start the Kettle Kickoff by providing some very generous contributions for the holiday season. On behalf of the Ohio Valley Mall, George Diab placed a hefty $5,000 check into one of the Red Kettle’s set up for the event while mentioning how great it was to be able to give back to the surrounding area. “Speaking on behalf of the Ohio Valley Mall, it’s our honor to have the opportunity to give back to the surrounding area. This is what this Season is all about.” he added.

Greenlance Inc. members, owners six Ohio Valley Burger Kings, were also there for the event. Recently, they donated Cinnabon product to be sold with the profits going to the Salvation Army. Since the product was donated, %100 of the proceeds were able to be given directly to the Salvation Army. In total, over $2100 was raised. Jeff Gay, Managing Director, and Jacki Snyder, District Manager of Greenlance, both explained how important this was for the community and Christmas season.

Major Louis Patrick, Executive Director of the Belmont County Salvation Army, led the event Thursday sharing thoughts and memories about the past years work. “This is such a great event heading into the Holidays. Without people like this, we would be able to serve the families who need a little extra help during the winter months. It really was a great turn out.” Patrick reiterated.

There will be local Red Kettle’s set up across the Ohio Valley in the upcoming weeks, be sure to help out as we head on towards Christmas.

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