Meth lab bust yields 3 arrests

THREE MEN were arrested Thursday afternoon after a meth lab was discovered in a house on Jefferson 1, just outside Mount Pleasant, Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said this morning.

Booked into the Jefferson County Jail after the arrests were Brock Teater, 26, 246 Union St., Mount Pleasant; Kenneth Dowdell, 33, 138 Main St., Mount Pleasant; and Roger Dagan, 29, 1365 County Road 1, Rayland. Abdalla said plans are to file formal charges today or Monday.

Cooperating in Thursday’s arrests were the Jefferson County Task Force, U.S. Marshal’s Office and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Abdalla said he had been contacted about two weeks ago by a concerned Mount Pleasant official, who wanted to know if anything was being done about the drug problems. He added that he assured the official that something was being done.

The sheriff’s office and Jefferson County Drug Task Force, according to Abdalla, have received calls and have been looking to other drug problems in that area.

“We’ve been investigating drug trafficking in the Mount Pleasant area,” said Abdalls. “There are drug problems all over the county. These people out in the country think they’re immune from arrest – they’re badly mistaken.”

Information was received Thursday about a meth lab. Authorities were checking into the matter in Mount Pleasant and that “led us out to County Road 1,” Abdalla explained.

When the law enforcement authorities got to the house on County Road 1, people inside the house took off, running into the basement, according to the sheriff. The authorities did not have a search warrant, but the owner of the house who was not involved in drugs gave them permission to search the structure.

The three men found in the basement “were trying to destroy the evidence and dismantle the meth lab,” Abdalla said. He said the lab “was not real big, but big enough the stuff could kill you.”

Other neighborhoods in the county are being visited as the ongoing drug investigations continue, according to the sheriff.

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