State-title fever grips community

IT’S THAT time of year where all the decorations are being placed throughout the town for the holiday season.

At a time where everything typically would be green and red in St. Clairsville, the city is going to hold off on the Christmas green – at least until after Friday night.

While the Red Devils’ football team preps for their upcoming trek to Canton, residents, patrons and supporters around town are gearing up for this week’s game. One walk through downtown right now, and one couldn’t help but notice the red splashed everywhere.

From flashing road signs, to the “Go Red Devil” signs in the business windows, everyone is acknowledging this feat and is reaching out to their hometown youngsters as this special season will come to an end in?Friday’s championship game.

A stop into a downtown sporting goods store, Jenkins on Main Street, would leave someone overhearing the owner speaking of seeing support from people he hadn’t even recognized before in the small town.

Local businesses get ready as fans dress up in Red Devil gear in anticipation for the climactic game.

The last and final foe for the unbeaten local squad will be waiting at Fawcett Stadium, one of the state’s premier football facilities, which sits adjacent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Clarksville Clinton Massie, like St. C., will be making its first-ever grid title game appearance.

With only 12 teams left in the state playoffs, it will be and action packed weekend in Canton, as all the title games will be decided in a mere 3 days.

The St. Clairsville Chamber of Commerce will be again sending the team off with care packages to make the trip.

“For the semi-final game we took donations from Chamber members, either items or monetary. We made a donation to the team, cheerleaders, and band for the send off in our support. We will be doing that again this week.” said Jennifer Wollard of the Chamber.

That won’t be the only send off Brett McClean’s team gets as they depart. On Friday morning, the town will be holding a send off parade, as the buses depart for the State Championship game.

St. Clairsville Athletic Director Kelly Rine announced Sunday evening that tickets will be on sale today through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. in the high school cafetorium/concession area. That will be the only location tickets will be sold this week. No tickets will be sold on Friday.

All tickets are reserved seats. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the gate, which will open on Friday at 1:30 p.m.

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