Switzerland board talks situation at River High

WOODSFIELD – The Switzerland of Ohio Local School Board held a special meeting to decide on the matter of health issues at River High School in Hannibal.

“After some discussion, we the administration, will have contingency plans, if needed, to move the students to the Swiss Hills (Career Center) campus and that will be determined at the Dec. 20 meeting,” said Larry Elliott, Superintendent of Switzerland of Ohio Local School District. “We will have the plans in place, in the mean time, we will move forward with the air monitoring for the quality air (reading).”

The air monitoring at River was voted on and approved.

As the construction of River High School has continued in the colder, problems have developed. Students are wearing coats, gloves and bringing blankets to classes because of the lack of heat in the building. Teachers have taken extra measures to keep their students, as well as themselves warm by wearing layers upon layers of clothing, passing out hand warmers and turning on all of the ovens in the home econmics room.

A parent has brought it to the board’s attention that her daughter, who is a freshman at River High School, has been ill and out of school for more than two weeks. Her daughter had a clean bill of health before this year.

“In the mean time, contractors will have the requested various (heating) systems up and going. It’s one of the variables out there,” said Elliott. “But we will have plans in place, if needed, on the Dec. 20.”

The board began monitoring the conditions of River prior to its Nov. 15 meeting. It then decided to go ahead with air quality checks.

If the air quality checks come back with an unsafe reading or if the heat is not properly working, then students will be moved to the Swiss Hills Career Center.

The safety issues will be discussed at the next school board meeting on Dec. 20. In the three weeks until this meeting, the board will lay out a plan to utilize just in case. At this point in time, no decision has been made.

River High School is one of several schools in the Switzerland of Ohio Local School District that has undergone construction.

In other news, Rob Caldwell, a member of the Switzerland of Ohio Local School has resigned his position on the board at Nov. 21 meeting. Caldwell currently teaches at Tyler Consolidated and up until the end of this football season was Tyler’s head coach. But now, Caldwell is taking on a bigger role in the educational system of the school district. Caldwell has accepted the principal position at Sardis and Hannibal Elementary.

Caldwell was recommended for the position, without hesitation, by Elliott. Elliott had approached him earlier for the position, but due to his coaching duties, he was unable to take the position. At the moment, his start date is undetermined.

The previous principal resigned her position and return to her former job at Tyler Consolidated.

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