Bellaire opts for change

BELLAIRE – In a 5-minute span of Thursday’s meeting of village council, the Board of Public Affairs was eliminated and the village, once again, had an administrator in its employ.

The two moves took place during the initial part of Thursday’s meeting.

Ordinance No. 2012-14 was read for the first time and later passed after Councilman Jim Pyatt motioned to suspend the three reading rules. Councilman Jim Williams seconded and the village’s legislators approved the motion 6-0. The ordinance also passes, 6-0.

The position created will have administrative powers and duties. The administrator must attend all council meetings and will be appointed by Mayor Vince DiFabrizio.

Shortly after the passing of the ordinance Resolution 990 was passed after having its rules suspended as well.

Again the motion to suspend the rules and passes of the ordinance went through without much, if any, opposition.

The resolution was to approve DiFabrizo’s recommendation that Dan Marling, currently the village’s Service Supervisor, be appointed as the administrator.

It was stipulated that position does not have to be filled by a village resident.

Marling will be paid $18.20 per hour and receive the same benefits afforded to other full-time village employees.

Marling will officially serve in his new capacity starting Dec. 30.

Councilman Josh Meyer thanked the Board of Public Affairs members for their service and explained this is being made as a cost effective move as well as giving DiFabrizio a right-hand man in leading the village.

“This move is not without undue thanks to the Board of Public Affairs,” Meyer said. “We appreciate your service but we wanted to go with a village administrator to have a right-hand man and allow us to work a bit more efficiently and have someone here on a daily basis.

“We greatly appreciate your service.”

Marling too thank the board members.

“I came in here in April and you gave me a great opportunity and it’s been enjoyable working with you,” Marling said. “Hopefully we can carry forth a lot of what we worked on together into the future.”

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