Bellaire to partner with MPR

BELLAIRE – The Village of Bellaire hasn’t quite reaped the benefits of the local oil and gas industry boom that other Belmont County communities like Barnesville and Martins Ferry have.

It’s not a rural community with acres upon acres of property from which to lease the mineral rights. It also doesn’t have the available land along the riverfront like Martins Ferry was able to market to various companies.

Thus, the village hasn’t had the windfall-esque checks that other communities have had the opportunity to pose with.

However, Bellaire Village Council took a step in the right direction Thursday, passing an ordinance that will allow the sale of water for production purposes.

In essence, the sale of water for the oil and gas market.

The village will be partnering with MPR Industrial Solutions in town in order to make this happen.

The ordinance allows MPR Supply Chain Solutions to act as the sales agent for the village’s water.

MPR and the village will negotiate a price for purchase, with MPR acting as the water sales agent for the village.

After MPR sells the water, the village will collect a portion of the profits received by MPR.

Section 2 of the ordinance details that MPR will pay 50 cents for every $1,000 gallons of water resold as well as a portion of the net proceeds.

After hearing the first reading of ordinance No. 2012-17, Councilman Jim Williams made a motion to suspend the rules and hear the second and third readings of the ordinance. Councilman Josh Meyer seconded the motion, which passed 5-0.

Councilman Jerry Fisher then motioned for passage, which easily passed via a 5-0 vote. Councilman Jim Piatt was not in attendance.

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