Local Walmart store victimized by two women

TWO WOMEN allegedly shoplifted a couple thousand dollars worth of electronics from the WalMart store at the Ohio Valley Plaza on Sunday evening, according to Belmont County Sheriff Fred Thompson.

The sheriff said the women were observed leaving the store, around 8:30 p.m., with a shopping cart full of goodies in the form of electronics, estimated at $2,400.

Thompson said the two suspects stole Xbox systems, Wii game systems and games. He said the women went into the store at the same time, stole backpacks and stuffed them with the merchandise. Authorities believe they were inside the store for about two hours.

Thompson called the incident one of the more pricey shoplifting cases in Belmont County so far this holiday season. “Our office gets shoplifting cases year-round, but over the holidays it definitely picks up,” he said.