Sargus handles drug, OVI cases

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Several probation violations came before Common Pleas Court Judge Jennifer L. Sargus on Monday.

Daniel Scott Clark, 24, 56485 Boyd Road, Bridgeport, saw his termination from drug court. His sentencing date was set for Jan. 7. A pre-sentencing investigation was ordered. His original offense was trafficking in drugs, a felony of the fifth degree occurring Nov. 7, 2008.

Michael Douglas Hoskins, 28, 4396 Linsoln Avenue, Shadyside, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of attempted burglary, a felony of the third degree occurring Aug. 24, 2011. It was included in his drug court cases and he will be allowed to remain in the program. He will serve 90 days in jail, six months EOCC. Restitution is being worked out with the victim.

Randall Edward Taylor, 72510 Flushing Holloway Road, Flushing, was sentenced on a count of OVI with a prior felony OVI, a felony of the third degree occurring Sept. 15, 2012. He will serve six months in jail, six months EOCC, as part of a suspended 18-month sentence.

Crystal Hoyt, 34, 105 Chestnut Street, Powhatan Point, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to trafficking in drugs, a felony of the third degree occurring Oct. 19, 2010. Pre-trial was set for Feb. 21, with plea agreement March 4 and trial March 14. A recognizance bond was set.

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