St. C. is wrapping up 2012

ST. CLAIRSVILLE The city council accepted two Christmas presents in the form of grants for upcoming infrastructure projects. Mayor Robert Vincenzo announced a $314,147 grant and a $170,163 loan from the Ohio Public Works Commission, which will be coupled with $170,163 of city funds.

The $654,473 project planned for 2013 will be the second largest paving project in the city’s history except for the Routes 40 and 9 construction done in 2004.

The list of streets planned for paving includes Hanson Drive, Taylor Lane, Allen (from Taylor to Lakeview), Lakeview (Sunset to Allen), Sunset Drive (South to Lakeview), Hutchinson, Butler, Union, Ruggles Avenue, Bethel Lane East, Park Street-South, Harbel, Circle Drive, Johnet, Plaza Drive, North Market Extension, North Market, Glendale, Park Drive, Talbot Avenue, Greentree (Legion to Millrose), Millrose, McFadden, Orchard, and spot repairs on 40 and 9.

Bids for the project will be opened in June with a planned August 2013 award date.

In addition, the recreation center will receive an ODNR grant of $22,000 for a sandlot volleyball court.

In other matters, Service Director Dennis Bigler reported that a portion of Belmont Bank’s driveway under Route 40 was blocked last week for completion of the sewer re-alignment. The work was completed in one day.

Council Member Frank Sabatino inquired about a power loss on the East End the last Friday in November. Vincenzo reported a transformer near Tony Lane could have suffered a surge, blowing the arrestors. Weather such as frequent rain may have contributed to the accident.

Council held the first reading of an ordinance to update their mutual aid agreement with the interstate and intrastate participating municipalities with municipal electric systems, in order to receive and provide mutual assistance during times of emergencies through the interchange and use of personnel and equipment. Bigler noted that American Municipal Power has expanded into eight states.

Council passed an ordinance authorizing Bigler to advertise for bids for necessary insurance coverages.

Sabatino also reported the retiring of Fire Board Fiscal Officer Darlene Pempeck effective Jan. 31. She has been with the fire district for close to 15 years. She will be replaced in February by Jennifer Lohan.

Finance Director Cindi Henry reported a post audit this Thursday with the state auditor.

A special meeting was set for Dec. 31, 1 p.m.

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