Students deliver socks to seniors

BRIDGEPORT – Residents at Heartland Nursing Home in Lansing recently received a huge donation of warm footwear.

The Talented and Gifted Class at Bridgeport Middle School started a Socks for Seniors collection drive around Thanksgiving. Wednesday morning, the students presented 316 pairs of brand new socks to the residents.

“Thank you very much,” Heartland Activities Director Jackie Polivka said. “We really appreciate this. It means so much to us.”

The mass of socks came in all sizes and colors. Some were designed specially for women, while men received some work socks.

“Our goal was 200 pairs of socks,” Talented and Gifted teacher Suzie Deihl offered. “We easily surpassed that mark. The students were so excited when they found out how many socks we had collected. They couldn’t believe it.”

The total didn’t surprise Deihl.

“We’d like to thank the students in the Bridgeport School District for their generosity,” Deihl explained. “This project also showed the students that you can do something good for your community if you want to.”

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