Teacher disciplined in gun incident

WOODSFIELD – A teacher at Swiss Hills Career Center was placed on paid leave after a gun was found in the teacher’s vehicle last Thursday.

The teacher in question was planning on having Swiss Hills students to do maintenance work on the car when the teacher informed them that the gun was in the car, left there after deer hunting.

Upon entering the school, Superintendent Larry Elliott immediately put the teacher on paid leave. The teacher has been employed with the school since 1999 and did not have a disciplinary record.

“Our board policy is very black and white on school safety and weapons on school campus, with the exception of police,” said Elliott. “It was a mistake made the teacher.”

The teacher is now back in the classroom. The school board will meet with legal counsel on how to further deal with the issue.

“It is very serious. We take it very serious – the safety of our students and staff. And there’s the expectation that the students will come to a gun-free and weapon-free school to receive their education, so even though it was an oversight by the teacher, it does have serious ramifications,” said Elliott.