Bellaire awards contract for plant

BELLAIRE – A resolution passed by Bellaire Village Council on Thursday awarded a near $1.9M contract to Layne Heavy Civil Inc. out of Orleans, Ind for construction to take place at the village’s water treatment plant.

The planned work includes construction of a collector well, consisting of a 13-foot diameter concrete caisson, three horizontal laterals, a masonry pump station building and 12-feet of waterline, but associated electrical work.

According to Sue Bell, the water treatment plant’s superintendent, the raw water supply for the village has been “reduced over the past many years and efforts toward rehab didn’t result in any gain.”

Bell stated that attempts at fixing the problem both in the 1990s and again during the last decade did not prove fruitful.

Four bids were received and opened on Dec. 18, with Layne Heavy Civil’s bid of $1,897,400 constituting the lowest and best bid.

The other three bid amounts and companies were:

  • N-Powell Company from Weirton: $1,937,000.
  • Ferri Contracting Co., McMurray, Pa.: $1,999,101
  • The James White Construction Co., Weirton: $2,046,200.

The project was originally estimated at $2M by Jeff Vaughn from Vaughn, Coast & Vaughn.

In Vaughn’s big report to council, he explained that Ranney Collector Wells was the only company that installed the wells.

All four companies listed Ranney as a subcontractor in their bid package. Layne Heavy Civil is the parent company of Ranney Collector Wells.

Councilman Jim Piatt inquired as to how long the project may take and if the loan to fund the project through the Ohio Water Development Authority and its Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) fund was approved.

Bell explained that the loan was approved. She went on to estimate that the construction of the collector well should take approximately two months. She’s looking at about six months for the building and an additional three months for the wiring and the pumps.

“By late next year, things should be up and in operation,” Bell said.

Bell wished to express her thanks to the late Kirk Baker, the village’s former water superintendent, who did a multitude of work getting this project off the ground.

“For a guy who lived in a different town, he put everything into seeing that Bellaire would have a great water supply,” Bell said. “He deserves all the credit for keeping it in the forefront and getting the powers that be to recognize the importance of and need for spending this amount of money.”

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