Bellaire handbook headlines meeting

BELLAIRE The subject of the employee handbook for the village of Bellaire was the main topic of discussion during Thursday’s meeting of village council.

Village Administrator Dan Marling reported back from a personnel committee meeting he attended where the handbook was discussed.

“Several things in the handbook need tweaked,” Marling said. “Solicitor (Joe) Vavra has been involved and has been helping us and has been able to point out a few things.

“The handbook hasn’t been changed much since it was originally drawn up and once it’s in been updated, we plan to have an in-service on it with our employees.

“It needs to be a liquid document in that we continuously update it as changes come about.

“We need to stay on top of it.”

Police Chief Mike Kovalyk again touched on the status of unpaid parking tickets and reiterated the need for offenders to get them paid.

“We are not trying to put a hardship on anyone. But for those who have let their tickets go unpaid, there comes a point where if you’re not going to pay them, and we observe your vehicle parked, he’ll have it towed and impounded and it won’t be released until everything is paid,” Kovalyk said. “I have done it before and I won’t hesitate to do it again to get these taken care of.”

Kovalyk also stated his department is working with the Neffs Fire Department on the investigation into the cause of the fire this week at the abandoned home on Franklin St.

Councilman Jerry Fisher noted he’d been contacted by various businesses along Belmont St. about the trees. Berries have been falling from the trees onto the sidewalk which are then tracked into the businesses.

“A couple of businesses have already cut them out and they are asking if we can do anything about the problem,” Fisher said.

It was decided to get in touch with LaRoche Tree Service to inquire as to how much removal would cost.

Councilwoman Lou Ann Bennett asked on behalf of the All American Days committee that the village park be approved for use for the annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 23. Bennett noted that 100 Easter baskets will be given away along with 1,000s of eggs that will be hid. Other prizes will be available as well. A motion was made and approval was granted 5-0, with Bennett abstaining.

Bennett also thanked everyone involved for assisting with the remembrance tree that was erected outside the municipal building during the holidays. She deemed it a success and reminded that if anyone still needed to pick up decorations from the tree that they were available at the chamber office.

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