ERS holding E-Waste event

BELLAIRE Electronic Recycling Service in Bellaire is sponsoring an E-Waste Challenge this spring, with 10 area high schools set to participate.

The event will run from April 14-20 and each school will designate three successive days during that span to begin and end their official collection.

“The contest is based on poundage that each school provides to ERS,” explaine’d John Sochor, head of sales and marketing for ERS. “We will add up the weight collected and the first place team will receive $650 in prize money and second place will receive $350.

“There will also be bonus money for each cell hone collected.

“We’re providing all the bonus materials to run the event to each school, as well as t-shirts.”

There will be five head-to-head matchups between area schools, so five schools will walk away with $650 and five with $350.

The matchups are comprised of: Bellaire vs. Shadyside; Martins Ferry vs. Bridgeport; St. Clairsville vs. Wheeling Central; St. John Central vs. Bishop Donahue and Barnesville vs. Union Local.

“We wanted to start out small with 10 schools and see how it went,” said Roger Myers of ERS. “Eventually, we’d like to have an OVAC-wide competition. But every school that we contacted about participating was more than happy to sign up.”

Representatives from the 10 schools were at ERS on Friday morning for a press conference and a guided tour of the facilities.

Sochor explained all electronics will be collected. However, tube-style televisions will not be part of the challenge. Flat-screen televisions are still accepted.

Other items available for donation include: all computers and related accessories; copiers; telephone systems; VCRs; mp3 players; radios; cd players; cameras; video game consoles and many other options.

Sochor wanted to remind the public that the products donated will not be resold.

“Nothing is refurbished or resold here,” he said. “Everything is destroyed, shredded and recycled and sent to other facilities for reuse.”

Once the competition is under way, each school will notify ERS which three consecutive days they wish to run the collection. ERS will then go to the school, set up the collection bins and at the end of the collection drive, return and pickup the electronics for recycling.

“We’ll bring it back, weigh it and count the number of cell phones,” Sochor said. “Each school has designated a group or organization to donate the money they win to.

“This is a win-win, both for the environment and also the schools, communities and organizations that will benefit from the competition.”

Sochor and Myers were joined by fellow members of the ERS sales team Jose Davis and Ty Masciarelli during Friday’s presentation.

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