St. Clairsville BOE discussing levy

THE ST. Clairsville Board of Education met briefly Tuesday to address a resolution requesting a calculation necessary by the Belmont County auditor for a school district levy.

This is the first of a two-step process for a levy to be placed on the ballot. The levy would be for an additional 2.75-mills that would allow an excess of the 10-mill limitation for current expenses for a continuing time period pursuant to O.R.C 5705.21.

The measure being considered would allow the appropriate officials to see what a levy of this nature would generate. With one levy expiring, the new levy would not trigger an increase for anyone, but would rather take the place of it essentially, even though they are not related in any way.

Funds would be used for various operating and repair costs including a roof, which is becoming troublesome at the elementary school.

As security measures are being re-evaluated in school systems, improvements to some doors and windows may also necessary.

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