Two arrested in drug bust

TWO PEOPLE were arrested and almost $900 in cash and prescription medications as well as drugs were seized in a drug raid conducted today by the Belmont County Drug Task Force.

Officers entered the house, located at 56449 Colerain Pike outside of Martins Ferry, around 4:45 a.m.

Arrested were Benjamin Cutlip, 34, and Heather Swegard, 20, both of the address where the raid was conducted. They were both taken to East Ohio Regional Hospital at Martins Ferry to be checked before being transported to the Belmont County Jail.

Officers from the Bellaire, Bridgeport, Shadyside and Martins Ferry police departments as well as deputies from the the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office participated in the raid.

Martins Ferry Police Chief and Task Force Commander John McFarland said the house has been under surveillance for drug activity for several weeks.

“Once again, we can’t say enough about the diligence and hard work of our task force members,” McFarland said. “They do an excellent job and we commend them for their efforts.”

This is the seventh raid conducted by the task force in the last several weeks.