Martins Ferry board talks funds, safety

MARTINS FERRY The Martins Ferry City School District held its regular school board meeting Monday to discuss issues of funding and safety.

Superintendent Dirk Fitch reported on a recent meeting of county superintendents and Rep. Jack Cera, who discussed safety precautions in the event of an active shooter or other danger. The district is exploring fundraising efforts to maintain resource officers for the county. Fitch noted that the district currently has a resource officer and thanks the city for the help it has been able to offer.

Fitch also updated the board on cooperative efforts among Martins Ferry’s schools, law enforcement, city officials and first responders. They are meeting monthly and will align response plans from different schools so emergency personnel will be sure of procedure in the event of emergency.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea,” Fitch said.

Fitch noted that the proposed state budget may provide the school districts with the same funding received in the prior two years. However, there is no guarantee this will continue. He added that the budget may be modified as it passes through legislation.

In other matters, Fitch noted three administrations have completed the Ohio Teacher Evaluation training system. Three more will complete training in March. Six or seven teachers should begin taking the course in May.

Also, work has begun on the track bleachers and concrete pouring should begin this week. Fencing for the softball fields will be ordered soon.

Fitch is also looking into other districts’ policies in school cancellation.

A county-wide in-service teacher day will be held Aug. 19 at Bridgeport.

Board approved the resignations of Joe Kosar, golf coach, and Robert Samsa, Middle School physical education teacher, and the employment of principals Jeff Oberdick and Mike Delatore, each with two-year administrative contracts.

The board approved the employment of Charity Stewart, substitute nurse, and Javis Johnson and Brianne Lucas as volunteer assistant track coaches. Board also approved the employment of Kylee Carpenter and Brittany Hood as substitute teachers for the remainder or the school year.

Board approved several professional meetings.

Lana Jennette will attend the All About Me; Kindergarten Kids and the Learning Experience today at Cambridge. Amanda White will attend the spring Integrating Curriculum and Technology Conference March 8 at New Philadelphia.

Curt Secrist, Babe Sidon, Nickolas Stankovich, Rhonda Delatore, Rhonda Dalton, Lisa Shriver, Danielle Lagon and Sue Ferrelli will attend a Title I fiscal conference March 20-22 at Columbus. Karen Blake and Mary Beth Brost will attend OME-RESA Fiscal Office Excel Training March 27-28 at Steubenville.

Board approved board committees for 2013 and the 2013-14 school calendar.

Board approved mileage compensation for employees at 56.5 effective Jan. 1.

Board approved the curriculum guides for Language Arts grades 5-8 and 9-12 and Math grades 9-12.

Board approved filing application for federal programs including Title I, Title IIA, Title IDEA, the school lunch program, and non-public auxiliary services.

Board approved the donation of a $2,000 stipend to the Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce Academic Banquet.

Board also approved a mandate that a minimum of one track and field coach must complete mandatory pole vault education certification for the team to participate in the sport as per the Ohio State Athletic Association. Fitch noted that this had always been district policy.

Board approved four days unpaid leave for Barb Ballint and three days unpaid leave for Barb McKeegan.

Board approved the LGS services contract.

Board approved annual membership dues to the Ohio School Boards Association at a cost of $3,965. Board also approved the Tax Advance Resolution for 2013 advance and the Workers’ Compensation group retrospective rate of .008972.

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