Parking issues draw Shadyside council attention

SHADYSIDE – The issue of handicapped parking was on the agenda again at this week’s meeting of Shadyside Village Council.

It was pointed out that while some residents do need handicapped parking, there are other spots which serve more as a convenience then a neccessity.

At the Jan. 14 council meeting, council discussed sending out a letter that Councilwoman Connie Gross drafted, which was reviewed by memebers of council. There were several recommendations and suggestions made to the letter and a recommendation to make a form or application for residents to apply for a space if he or she meets the requirements.

“I’ve had several citizens come up to me and say they are glad that we are tackling this issue,” said Gross, who has been the driving force behind correcting the handicapped parking issue.

At the Jan. 28 meeting, a list of 21 names that currently have a handicapped parking spots in the village out of the 35 handicapped parking spaces was presented to council.

“As you can see we have a few,” said Mayor Bob Newhart, referring to the list of people that was put together that morning. “These are the identified residential, this (list) has no businesses.”

Councilman and newly elected Council President Pro-Tem Tim Merryman recommended that the list that Mayor Newhart presented be grandfathered in.

“It’s my recommendation that we take these 21 names and grandfather these in,” said Merryman. “As these people move away or are no longer there, take them out and from this point forward everyone has to (apply). That would be my suggestion because these will come off in time … they will take care of themselves.”

But what was also pointed out was that a few of these parking spots were meant to temporary but these spots still exist.

The mayor suggested a compromise to which council agreed.

“We can send a letter to these houses saying ‘there is a handicap parking space in front of your house, please give us the reason the handicap sign is still needed and the copy of your plaque (handicapped parking permit),’ that way we are not ruffling all the feathers and we may get some back that say we don’t really need it,” said the mayor.

The placement of the handicapped parking spots was an issue that this council had inherited.

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