Rushman raising trip funds


Times Leader Staff Writer

Bellaire resident and currently studying Integrated language Arts at Ohio State University Alyssa Rushman is raising money for a mission trip to Russia, where she will work with orphans in crisis centers.

Rushman will need to raise $3700 by April 7 to make this trip a reality. Donations can be sent to Alyssa Rushman 1900 Cannon Drive, room 803 Columbus, OH 43210. Checks are to be written to h20. For more questions Rushman can be contacted at or (740) 579-1741.

“We will be working with Orphans in Crisis Centers, Orphanage, and The Harbor Ministry! Crisis centers are the place where children are brought when they are removed from their home,” said Rushman. “We will bring the love of Christ to two centers, one in Kostroma and one in St. Petersburg, through vacation bible school programs. Similarly, we will be doing the same when we visit the special needs orphanage in Kostroma.”

The Harbor Ministry is a Christian – based ministry in St. Petersburg, Russia. Harbor Ministry works with tens of thousands of orphans that are moved out institutions at the age of 17 every year. With nowhere else to go, these orphans often times began a path of self-destruction, which most of the time lead to a path of crime. This is even more crucial now that Russia no longer allows Americans to adopt children from their orphanage.

Harbor Ministry helps these young adults by placing them in residential family-style communities, give them an education and the necessary skills to maintain a home and succeed in today’s Russian society. Rushman, who first heard about this trip from a couple of friends, will work alongside the ministry to help them in their efforts.

“I am really excited about the opportunity to serve the needs of others abroad. I feel that I can be a useful tool in the effort to end the orphan cycle in Russia, and I know that this is experience will be more than rewarding. I hope to get local support because as a college student, there is no “extra” money,” said Rushman. “No matter where I am, I am excited to represent Bellaire throughout my endeavors. I often feel that my success should be attributed to my life in Bellaire and the numerous people involved. If I can get local business and people to sponsor my trip to Russia, it will mean more than words could ever say. Small donations will make huge differences.”