Two deputies injured while restraining patient

TWO BELMONT County Sheriff’s deputies were injured Tuesday afternoon after they responded to a call in Lloydsville regarding a combative patient.

The deputies were treated at the Ohio Valley Medical Center.

According to Belmont County Sheriff David Lucas, one deputy was bitten and the other suffered a shoulder injury as they attempted to restrain the man.

The suspect was identified as Ryan Puskarich, 28, of Lloydsville. He was also taken to the Ohio Valley Medical Center where he is undergoing a medical evaluation.

The Cumberland Trail Fire Department was told the man was having a seizure but asked deputies to assist because of what others describe as the man’s troubled history.

The incident is being investigated by the sheriff’s office, and charges are pending which include two counts of assault of an officer, two counts of resisting arrest and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lucas said he has no medical background, but from his medical experience over the years, he thinks the person’s action was more violent than just a seizure.

It is believed Puskarich’s violent and uncontrollable behavior may be drug-related.