Bennett turns attention to spring


Times Leader Staff Writer

BELMONT County Engineer Fred Bennett said “spring is here, but with the cold and snowy weather you would never know it.”

Bennett said more than 40 inches of snow fell this winter which was above average. He said here was no snow in the last two years in March but that changed last week when six inches of snow fell. “Let us hope we don’t have an Easter snow,” he said.

Bennett announced that on April 3, the Belmont County Commissioners will open bids for the placement of centerline pavement markings on various county highways. “We will be striping between 93 miles to 133 miles of highways, depending on the unit cost per mile bid by the successful contractor,” he said. “We have $120,000 available from the commissioners for the job.”

The bridge crew recently completed a new retaining wall on Colerain Pike. Bennett said the wall consisted of the placement of concrete blocks on a concrete footer. The wall is six feet high and 84 feet long.

The blocks weighs about 3,480 pounds and were poured in the engineer’s Lloydsville garage in February. Estimated cost of the project was $29,000.

Last week, the bridge crew resumed work on building a new bridge on Clover Ridge Road. The new bridge will be a 42 feet span, 24 feet wide concrete box beams structure on new abutments. One abutment was constructed early this winter. A temporary bridge was built to keep the road open.

Bennett said the road crew has been busy this past month with snow and ice control, installing culverts, patching pothole, trimming trees and ditching along the roadways. The office staff is also busy mainly from activity with the gas and oil industries.

“Since April arrives on Monday, let’ s hope it comes with warm weather,” Bennett said.