Country Club gives to troops

BELLAIRE — The Country Club Retirement Campus collected and sent 660 pounds worth of items overseas to the 359th Inland Cargo Transfer Company.

The items were sorted and packed in to 16 boxes to be sent over this past Friday. This project came about when Kristin Wittenbrook, marketing director of Country Club Retirement Campus, heard from another CCRC employee about Sgt. Emory Necessary and his unit in Afghanistan.

“I wanted to do my part to show my, as well as the rest of the Ohio Valley’s, support and appreciation for everything these men and women do,” said Wittenbrook. “They are thousands of miles away, this is the lease we could do for them.”

Sgt. Necessary has been in the Army for 14 years and is currently on his seventh tour of duty. He is a Powhatan Point native. There are 15 females in the 359th ICTC.

“We have residents in our facility that are anxious and worried every day about their loved ones overseas fighting for our country and our liberty,” said Wittenbrook. “Even without the basic supplies, these men and women continue to do their job.”

The following items they are asking for include: shaving cream, razors, shower gels, batteries, hand wipes, beef jerky, popcorn, hard candy, DVD’s.

The items in this list are things that are in short supply or hard to get. These items will raise the moral of all the soldiers in the unit.

“We want them to know we still care about them and thank them for their service,” said Beverly Necessary, whose son is in the unit that will be receiving the supplies. “This way we can give a little back to them for everything they do to us.”

Along with CCRC staff, members of Necessary’s family helped packed and ship the large amount of items.

“Having everyone back home come together to support us while we are gone is incredible. All of the soldiers in our unit spend day and night focused on our mission, with very little time to focus on themselves,” said Sgt. Necessary. “Receiving mail, whether it be letters or care packages is one of the very few things we have to look forward to. Something like this reminds us of home and makes our days go by a little easier. All of us here in the 359th Inland Cargo Transfer Company would like to thank everyone back home for the time, effort and thought put into this package drive. We are very grateful and cannot begin to thank you all enough.”