Five arrested in Bellaire drug bust

BELLAIRE – The Belmont County Drug Task Force raided three homes in Bellaire this morning, which resulted in the arrest of five men.

Charles Daniel Durant, 31, of 1789 Belmont St., was arrested and charged for drug trafficking crack cocaine. There are other pending charges against others at the residence. There was also a warrant served at 1787 Belmont St.

Sylvester Eugene Walker, 20, of 38th Street of Bellaire, is being charged with an F-5 and two counts of drug trafficking.

James C. Spears, 36, of 307 Sinclair Ave. in Yorkville, was arrested at a residence on 38th Street in Bellaire along with Rudolph Richard Galbreath Jr., 31, of 605 Locust St. of Martins Ferry and Rudolph C. Litwon, 37, of 609 Locust St. of Martins Ferry.

Spears was charged with two counts of drug trafficking, with the possibility of five additional charges. Galbreath and Litwon will both face one count of drug trafficking.