Fuller in court

ST, CLAIRSVILLE – Devin Wayne Fuller, 19, 3567 Franklin St., Bellaire, appeared before Belmont Common Pleas Judge John M. Solovan II Friday for a pre-trial.

He and Brandon Michael Phelps, 20, 1281 Birch St., Bellaire, are charged with four counts of aggravated murder, committed in the course of rape, of aggravated burglary, of burglary and of trespassing. Each count carries a death penalty specification. Both face two additional counts of trespassing.

Attorney Kirk McVay was introduced. He will take on the role of co-counsel for the defense, with William Mooney acting as lead counsel. Both took on the job as per the Supreme Court on the appointment of counsel for indigent defendants on capital cases..

Counsel reviewed the status of lab reports. The prosecutor noted that he has received two reports from BCI&I and is awaiting two more. Attorneys will wait until all reports are received before reviewing them.

A forensic psychologist will also meeting with Fuller.

Defense has received records from the Ohio Department Rehabilitation. The prosecution is compiling telephone calls from the co-defendants.

Since the crime scene has been viewed, defense was satisfied to release the scene. The victim’s family will be notified. The scene will be available should a jury viewing be necessary.

The crimes are alleged to have taken place June 29-30. The victim, Lydia Ashworth, was found dead in her home.

Fuller will appear in court for a further pre-trial May 10, 1 p.m.

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