Harrison County road issues targeted

CADIZ – The Harrison County commissioners approved two new road use and maintenance agreements in a short session Wednesday.

Doug Crabtree presented agreement 25-13 with Ohio Gathering LLC for roads in Cadiz, Archer and Green Townships.

The pipeline company asked to use CR 29 from US 22 to SR 8, CR 2 from CR 3 to US 22, Cr 3 from Us 250 to Deersville Ridge, CR 49 from US 250 to Lower Clearfork, CR 22 from CR 49 to SR 9, Cr 13 from Sr 9 to US 22 and CR 51 from US 22 to SR 151.

Commissioner Dale Norris expressed concerns that the remainder of CR 22 from CR 49 back to Tappan Lake should be included as it would most likely be used as a haul route to access the crossing if traffic was coming from the east on US 250. Crabtree amended the agreement and commissioners approved unanimously with the modifications including the entire length of road from US 250 to SR 9.

Commissioners also approved all bids submitted last week for for the 2013 fuel, paving and bituminous materials.

“We would ask that the board approve all bids so that purchases from the different suppliers can be made as the locations around the county would make it more economically feasible to pay more for materials than to pay for the gas and mileage on our trucks to drive to another location.”

Crabtree told commissioners that the fuel prices enclosed in the bids were subject to change due to the volatility of the fuel market, “We call for the current spot market price from these fuel suppliers on the day of purchase and make our determination based on those prices.”

Commissioner Norris also requested on behalf of the Airport Authority that the board appropriate an additional $5000 adding to the $20,000 which was originally set for the state matching grant to repave the runway, “The money will be well spent as it increases the grant to $255,000 and the additional grant funds will allow the runway paving project to be completed, most likely this summer.”

Harrison County Treasurer Vicki Sefsick reported that the Internet had been down for two days last week and during that time the county could not conduct any business via the web.

Auditor Patrick Moore told the board that could potentially delay payment of county employees as his office utilizes the internet to transfer funds for the county payroll.

“If the outage had lasted another day we would not have been able to make payroll this week,” cautioned Moore.

Commissioner Don Bethel stated that the board would review options for an Internet back up system, “Obviously our county employees rely on that money being there on time to pay bills,” said Bethel. “I think we have to weigh the cost of the safeguard versus the possible inconvenience or problems that an extended loss of internet service would cause.”

In other business:

The commissioners approved an appropriation request for the Soil & Water from the State Matching funds account into supplies $200 and into workers’ compensation $670.81.

The board approved appropriations for two line items at the request of Common Pleas Juvenile Court special revenue for $15,000 and $44,122.58. The request explained that the line items were fully funded and had been inadvertently overlooked during the budget request.

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