JB Green Team maps waste plan

BELLAIRE — The JB Green Team must submit a new solid waste plan by January of 2014, and James A. Skora, CHMM, SC senior manager of GT Environmental, was on hand at the Bellaire Public Library Monday to deliver a presentation which updated the board of trustees on the progress.

The board first contracted with GT Environmental for a Solid Waste Management Plan in 2010. GT Environmental, Inc’s. main office is located in Westerville, Ohio and provides a full range of strategic environmental planning and permitting and safety services to clients in Ohio including state and local government agencies.

The plan was based on the recommendations of GT Environmental and included important solid waste goals to help achieve environmental sustainability. The SWMP describes a strategy to help achieve environmental sustainability.

To do so, GT Environmental is focusing on moving the two counties toward waste reduction and better recycling methods.

“This informational meeting will set the stage to work forward into the new planning period.” said Skora. “We base the waste reduction goals on population, historical waste generation and current waste generation in your district.”

Skora reported that 67 percent of the materials headed to the land fill are recyclables and part of the new plan was to institute facilities to pull these materials from mixed waste entering landfills. “We are looking at a similar program to other areas which have created an industrial park to sort recyclables out of mixed trash.”

Skora explained that two villages which are geographically split in to two different counties are in question, “Less than 50 percent of Wilson Village is located in Jefferson County so they are not in our district but Adena is more than 50 percent in Jefferson County so the entire village falls under our authority.”

The SWMP breaks down the JB Green Team district into 23 programs or categories which the authority is currently working on. “We will study all of these programs and identify any weakness, then make suggestions for possible solutions.”

Skora pointed out that the Environmental Protection Agency is pushing curbside recycling in metropolitan areas and that is a weak area for the district with just one community currently offering the service. The plan will suggest solid waste infrastructure changes which will move the district towards compliance with the 90 percent state goal for recycling.

The plan must be submitted by October and will face a 45 day review before being sent back to GT Environmental for changes.

In other business: Barb Godwin told the board that the grant committee had decided to fund 39 of 42 applications for a total of $79.265, “The three which we are not recommending did not meet the criteria.”

The board unanimously approved the recommendations,

Cliff Meyer gave the Executive Directors report asking that the board increase appropriations to the recycling materials and supplies line item. The funds will be used to purchase additional recycling containers to include the five townships in Belmont and one in Jefferson county which were not being covered. The remainder will be used to supplement locations where overflow has been an issue. Board member Bill Weekley had brought the issue of overflowing containers to the board’s attention in January and hopes the additional containers will alleviate the problems which continue despite increasing pick ups to three times a week at the busiest sites.

The stipulation was added that local manufacturers and United States manufactured steel would once again be required for containers purchased.

Bruce Misselwitz gave the APEX report in which he told the board that the landfill had increased their January intake by 13 percent. There were 11 odor complaints in January for the landfill.