Sargus hands down sentences

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Dane Anthony Jennewein, 25, 54215 Cove Road, Powhatan Point, appeared before Judge Jennifer L. Sargus Monday and was sentenced on one count unlawful entry, occurring Oct. 16, 2011.

He was given a partially suspended 18-month sentence, with six months to be served in jail and six months EOCC, followed by five years of monitoring.

Jennewein apologized and expressed regret for his actions. He said he had been drinking heavily that night and after wrecking his car gained entry into the home of the victim, a former employer for whom he had done work around the yard. He added that he has no memory of his actions while trespassing.

The victim and her daughter related the experience of awakening to the sight of an intruder in her bedroom, opening drawers. They noted the victim’s lasting fear, emotional turmoil and resulting decline in health.

“I can’t express the fear and the many times I’ve thought about this act.” she said.

They asked for the maximum penalty of six years.

Sargus acknowledged the suffering that has resulted from the crime as well as the need to ensure the security of the elderly who are living alone, but also noted the importance of preventing future crimes.

Sargus noted that Jennewein will undergo treatments in jail and EOCC, whereas the penitentiary was is not adequately funded to assist those with substance abuse issues.

Anthony Wayne Albus, 26, 200 West 36th St., Shadyside, pleaded guilty to disseminating material harmful to a minor, a felony of the second degree occurring Feb. 13, 2011. Sentence was set for April 1. A pre-sentence investigation and victim impact statement were ordered.

Denzel Antone Crowell, 22, 2037 Goodnor St., Cleveland Heights, pleaded guilty to one count trafficking in less than one gram of heroin, a felony of the fifth degree occurring Jan. 3, 2013, and one count attempted evidence tampering, a felony of the fourth degree. He faces a sentence of 30 months and a forfeiture of $1,295.74. Sentence was set for March 18. A pre-sentence investigation was ordered.

Bruce Garland Gaylor Jr., 42, 949 West 21st St., Houston, was given a six month suspended sentenced and 24 months of probation for one count improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle, a felony of the fourth degree occurring Aug. 19, 2012. Defense noted that Gaylor, a Texas resident, was stopped for a speeding offense while passing through Ohio and was unaware that state laws prohibited driving with a loaded weapon. The weapon was forfeited.

Donald Robert Longwell III, 21, 100 South Third St., Martins Ferry, pleaded guilty to three counts trafficking in drugs, a felony of the fifth degree. He faces a maximum of three years. Sentencing was set for April 1.

Ashley Rebecca Marino, 55410 Wabash St., Bridgeport, pleaded guilty to attempted child endangerment, a felony of the fourth degree occurring Sept. 1, 2011. She faces a maximum sentence of 18 months. Sentence was set for April 15.

Racardo Maurice Smith, 23, 2309 Eoff St., Wheeling pleaded guilty to trafficking in drugs, a felony of the fifth degree occurring Oct. 19, 2010.

Eduardo Martin Williams Jr., 38, 4432 Franklin St., Bellaire, pleaded guilty to failure to comply with the order of signal of a police officer, a felony of the third degree Oct. 12, 2012. He faces a maximum of 36 months. Sentence was set for April 1. A pre-sentence investigation, Crossroads and EOCC evaluations were ordered.

Darnell Michael Young, 23, 328 Hill Avenue, Steubenville, was sentenced on one count carrying a concealed weapon, a felony of the fourth degree occurring March 29, 2009. He was given a suspended 12-month sentence. He will serve six months EOCC and three years probation. The weapon will be forfeited.

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