Solovan issues sentences

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Two sentences for drug related burglaries led Friday’s session of Belmont County Common Pleas Court. Judge John M. Solovan II presided.

Derek Haven Cross, 20, 63105 Boyd Ridge Road, Bellaire, was sentenced on one count burglary, a felony of the second degree, and theft, a felony of the fifth degree, occurring June 20, 2012. He was given five years of community control sanctions. He will serve six months jail with seven days credit, and six months EOCC.

Defense noted that Cross has been honest and cooperative with investigators and asked Solovan to consider that drugs were a motivator for the crime. Cross apologized, adding that he was intoxicated and not thinking clearly during the crime.

Solovan noted that Cross’ history demonstrates an escalating pattern of criminal and drug related behavior and continued violation would result in a penitentiary sentence. He advised Cross to take advantage of the help and programs offered at EOCC.

“Burglaries in this area has caused our residents to be concerned for their own safety in their own homes. No one should have to do that. No one should have that fear.”

Orville Dale Baughman, 26, 53968 Krebs Hill Road, Clarington, was sentenced to 18 months on a count of theft theft, a felony of the third degree, and 12 months on one count breaking and entering, a felony of the fifth degree, occurring Oct. 10, 2012, when he trespassed into the Powhatan Pharmacy with the intention of obtaining drugs to feed his addiction. Sentences will be served concurrently for a total of 18 months with credit for 142 days. Restitution of $1,513 was ordered.

Solovan noted Baughman’s history, indicating an escalating series of violative acts of unlawful entry.

Baughman apologized to the pharmacy and community and added that he wanted help in dealing with his substance abuse.

Ricky Lee Lawson, 28, 68520 Cadiz Pike Road, Bridgeport, pleaded guilty to failure to give notice of change of address, a felony of the fourth degree occurring Aug. 1, 2012. He was originally convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor about 15 years old. He was 17 at the time. Sentence was set for May 10

Michael Alan Coe, 26, 704 Broadway St., Martins Ferry, saw the revocation of his probation. He pleaded guilty to violating sanctions and to passing bad checks, a felony of the fourth degree. He was originally sentenced to up to 48 months for two counts of theft, a felony of the fourth degree occurring June 9, 2011. An updated pre-sentence investigation was ordered. Sentence was set for March 6. He faces up to an additional 18 months for the added count of passing bad checks.

Ricardo Smith, 24, 2309 Eoff St., Wheeling, pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated assault, a felony of the fourth degree occurring Aug. 25, 2012. He was arrested Feb. 11 after failing to appear at his Dec. 21 plea. A pre-sentence investigation, victim impact statement and EOCC evaluation were ordered. Sentence was set for April 12.

He faces a maximum of 18 months. He will also plea to two fifth degree charges in a separate court Monday.

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