Ferry seeking funding for slip repairs

MARTINS FERRY Weather and wear are taking a toll on the city roads, and limited resources are available to take action.

One significant problem is a retaining barricade leading off Ohio 7 onto County Road 4 into Floral Valley. Director of Development Kathy Wade-Gagin said the city was aware of the slip and monitoring it, but they are facing abundance of infrastructure issues.

“We are desperately searching for funds,” she said. “There are so many infrastructure problems in Ferry. This is only so much money and a lot of competition.”

Currently, an engineering study must be prepared for the barricades, since it is necessary to include an analysis of the causes when preparing the application. Meanwhile, they must track down the documented history of work on the site. Gagin noted that the city did not do the original project.

The city has also applied for an emergency FEMA grant but was not selected.

“Nothing is moving as fast as we’d like it to,” she said.

Gagin added that another issue is the possibility of a road use maintenance agreement tied to Utica Shale. If the applicable vehicles make use of the road, they would be responsible for some damage done to it.

However, no companies register it as a direct route.

Service Director Chuck Bennett reported that the wall has moved slightly more in the east/west direction but has not slipped further since last month. Heavy rains could cause issues of undercutting. Bennett noted that the route is the only route in and out of an area with about 50 homes and subdivisions.

Meanwhile, other problems are occurring not too far down the road. One issue is a wall beside the creek on County Road 4/Colerain Pike. Residents see an increasing danger of the wall falling in or a vehicle’s wheeling going off the road and ending up in the creek.

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