New art project comes to Ferry

MARTINS FERRY – A unique art project will be coming to the city during the annual Picnic in the Park according to Sienna Baldi, co-founder of the Mastering Innovation Technology Creativity House (MITCH) Collective. The group is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging innovative artistic projects in the Ohio Valley. Their work includes conducting diverse workshops with different artists.

Baldi said the organization has been obtaining small grants for a summer project to be held at the annual Picnic in the Park in the city. Recently, they received a Spark award through a Sprout grant, totalling $4,000.

A major project will be involving schools in Ohio and West Virginia in creating insta-gram designs, dubbed the Insta-Tangram project.

Baldi noted MITCH is trying to get as many schools and kids involved as it can.

She wants students that are interested in art and want to participate in the project. Kids 10 and older are able to participate.The students will create woodcut designs that will then be carved with a laster cutter.

The pieces of wood will be pieced together like a large tangram.

During outdoor festivals, the pieces will be rearranged into various designs.Once the designs are covered with ink, they will be printed by utilizing and steamroller.

Those prints will then be put on display at MITCH’s gallery space, along with around town.

Baldi said this will take place both at Wheeling’s Arts Fest on June 22, along with the Picnic in the Park.

The group is looking for volunteers to help in the two days of printing.

Baldi noted advantages of using a laser cutter, such as the innovative application of technology in a creative way, and one that allows children to participate without using a sharp object. Instead, the drawings are transmitted into a computer program.

Baldi added that they partner with different organizations in the area as well as operate a residency program for visiting artists. The group was founded in 2011.

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