Parking concerns seniors

MARTINS FERRY – During the Belmont County commissioners’ meeting Tuesday, a delegation of senior citizens, representing the 21 individuals who drive to the St. Clairsville Senior Center, presented a petition regarding a lack of parking spaces.

Judy Briggs, spokesperson, said there were only three parking sites and the only permits that were given to the center were for the director, the driver and two CAC employees.

“We did not get one for any of us. So when we come in there’s no place to park,” Briggs said. “That’s why our attendance is so low, because no one can find a place to park.”

Commissioner Ginny Favede noted that the 21 parking passes came in that day and suggested giving them to the seniors.

Commissioner Matt Coffland said one parking lot has been designated for county employees and 150 employee passes have been passed out, not counting occurrences of jury duty or trials, which call for 12 spaces to be marked off.

He added that 50 spots have been secured for employees and some of them must search for lots.

“I understand the problem,” he said, adding that there were two public blocks nearby, one below the senior center and one across the street.

“I feel that our employees deserve a place to park. We can only accommodate one third of what works here,” he said, adding that the county could mark off or expand parking in the other lots. He also noted the importance of making parking maps available.

Seniors and commissioners discussed the convenience of the seniors visiting the center. Other plans include looking into the construction of a new senior center. Also, the job description for a new coordinator to oversee the ongoing projects and transitions has been completed. Commissioners are gathering financial information and looking into transportation issues and will send the position out for advertisement.

Favede was authorized to execute an invoice for Centennial Preservation Group for the OUE Brick Tavern roof and roof drainage system project. The ODOT/Federal share totals $16,055.28, or 80 percent, while the local share is $4,013.82, or 20 percent.

Favede was authorized to execute invoices for Chambers, Murphy & Burge, Ltd for the adaptive reuse of the Belmont County Sheriff’s Residence. The federal share is $2,718.96 or 80 percent, with a local share of $679.73, or 20 percent.

Commissioners approved hiring Clayton Kleevic as intern clerk for Belmont County Western Division Court at a rate of $7.85 per hour, 35 hours per week, commencing May 3, 2013. This is a temporary position to be paid from the court’s Special Projects Fund.

Commissioners approved a permanent transfer of the cash advance dated July 20, 2011 from the general fund to the S77 Community Based Correction Act Grant in the amount of $2,894.62.

Commissioners motioned to award the bid for the Belmont County Engineer’s Department project for pavement marking of various county highways to the low bidder, Oglesby Construction, Inc. Work will include 119.81 miles of centerline at a unit price of $1,022.73 in the total amount of $122,533.28. A total of $120,000 will be funded by the commissioners and $2,533.28 by MVGT.

Commissioners motioned to enter into emergency medical service contracts with 23 providers for a one-year term beginning April 9, 2013. They will provide services to their jurisdictions. The county will pay for services rendered the sum of $6,500 each.

Commissioners remind everyone that next Wednesday’s council meeting is set for 9 a.m.

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