Pielech resigns post as director

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – For 14 years, Dwayne Pielech, the Director of Belmont County Job & Family Services has been a man of many hats.

As director, Pielech has oversaw the work of four different departments under the umbrella of Job & Family Services – five once Senior Services of Belmont County was added to the fold after taking over for Belmont Senior Services, a private company, in 2011: Children’s Services, Senior Services, Child Support Enforcement, Workforce Development and Public Assistance and Medicaid Programs.

“I have a difficult job as director,” Pielech said. “After 14 years as director, helping to create 1,000 of jobs in this area and obtain millions for development purposes, I’m ready for a change.

“I love working with the commissioners and our staff and we have a great union staff. But after 14 years, I’m prepared to do something different.”

Pielech tendered his resignation to Belmont County Commissioners Matt Coffland, Ginny Favede and Chuck Probates recently and the board voted to accept his resignation at last week’s regular meeting.

Pielech’s last official day with the county will be July 12.

He wished to help close out the fiscal year and assist whomever the commissioners hire as his replacement with the transition.

“I w ant to take some time, take them up to Columbus to meet the state leadership and also the eastern district association people,” Pielech said. “I want them to be able to hit the floor running when they take over.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about me rather the people that are still working for Job & Family Services.

“We have some great managers and union people and I want them to be looked after.”

Pielech’s resignation was accepted with a 2-1 vote, with Coffland voting against it.

The dissenting commissioner has enjoyed working with Pielech, believes he’s done an admirable job and doesn’t want to see him resign.

“I support Dwayne 100 percent and I think he’s done a great job but I don’t want to see him resign,” Coffland said.

Coffland is just one of eight commissioners Pielech has worked under during his tenure which began, ironically enough, with a 2-1 vote of approval in May of 1999.

Pielech managed 15 annual fiscal year budgets totaling nearly $2B in local, state and federal funding.

  • He implemented Title IVD Child Support Federal reimbursement programs that resulted in more than $2M generated in federal funds to the county general fund since 2000 and helped receive more than $14M in PRCDR funding in 2000, helping to initiate 44 new community programs.
  • He assisted in the creation of a county child advocacy center, the Harmony House in Belmont County, as well as implemented SACWIS, a new, statewide state-of-the-art children services case management tracking system.
  • Pielech implemented Support Enforcement Tracking System to better manage all child support enforcement agency (CSEA) cases and regularly led the state in collections for counties of similar size or large, routinely ranking in the top 10 statewide.
  • He opened the only Level 2, one stop employment center in Eastern Ohio in partnership with three other counties.

That is just a small sampling of a number of accomplishments Pielech was able to make happen during his 14 years of service.

Despite handling more than $2B in funding during this time, DJFS always passed state and federal audits and program reviews including recognition by the state auditor’s office for the work being done.

“Thankfully, I am surrounded by competent people,” Pielech said with a laugh. “I really appreciate the opportunity to work with many good commissioners, community leaders, judges, prosecuting attorneys, mayors, school superintendents … the list goes on. I’ve worked with some great people.”

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