Skyvue project begins

THE SWITZERLAND of Ohio Local School District has broken ground on what will be Skyvue Elementary School.

This is the last school that the district is building and the only other one that is still under construction is River High School in Hannibal.

“This is the start of the final page of providing quality, 21st century schools for our students. Now all of our students will have up-to-date schools very soon,” said Superintendent Larry Elliott. “It is wonderful to see the looks on the children’s faces as their new school is being constructed for them right before their eyes.”

The school district has been working on building and updating the eight elementary and high school buildings for the last few years. Recently completed was Powhatan Elementary School where students moved in at the end of March.

This massive problem has not been without setbacks, though the school board has pushed on, giving students a better and more updated education.

The students appear delighted that they will have a new school and have written dozens of thank-you letters and notes.

“The state is committed to replacing the crumbling infrastructure of Ohio’s schools and allowing our students a 21st century education in safe and secure buildings,” said Rick Hickman, director of the Ohio School Facilities Commission, who spoke at the groundbreaking. “We are only halfway through their commitment – helping approximately half of Ohio’s school districts fund new school buildings.”

Despite the project, Switzerland of Ohio Local School District is hoping to pass a new levy this May that will help the district’s financial problems.

“We have kept our campaign promise of new schools in the communities for community infrastructure, utilization of local labor and most importantly, providing for our students and future generations a quality school environment,” said Elliott.

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