Warren Township seeking recreation funds

TILTONSVILLE – Efforts to obtain recreation funds from the Jefferson County commissioners for installation of playground equipment at a a park in Tiltonsville were explained by Warren Township trustee Carl Sgalla at a recent meeting of the trustees.

Telling of the cooperative efforts between the trustees and the village of Tiltonsville, Sgalla provided information sent to the commissioners, and it was noted that at the March meetings of the two groups, action was taken to collaborate and participate in the commissioners’ recreation program and any assistance received from the program would be used in the park east of the Warren Township baseball fields adjacent to the Ohio River and within Tiltonsville.

He said the village and township have been working together for several years to develop this area for the recreational enjoyment of all village and township residents. Grants have been received in the past from the commissioners and JB Green Team.

“We continue to develop this area with the ultimate goal of erecting a small fishing pier along the river and a block restroom structure for the convenience of those that visit this area,” noted Sgalla, who also is Tiltonsville’s village administrator.

He reported the village of Tiltonsville previously purchased a stainless steel slide, a 10-foot high swing structure and “kids-in-motion” teeter to be erected in this area,” but it lacks the necessary funds to have this equipment installed.

When asking for help from the county commissioners, he also told of the desire to purchase and install two hot coal bins to dispose of hot coals removed from the grills previously purchased with county recreation funds.

The total of the financial request to complete this phase of the project is $8,792.

In other matters, trustees approved a motion to accept the only bid received for the township’s Ford dump truck. This bid totaling $3,775 was from Charles S. McKeegan.

The 2013 grass-cutting contract was signed with Mike Kafana. This work planned in the township’s three cemeteries will begin May 1.

Clerk Bob Fetty said cutting a half lot will cost $35 with the full lot cost being $45, and checks are to be mailed to the township at 302 Walden Ave., Tiltonsville, OH 43963. These are the same rates charged last year.

A resolution was approved to obtain 50 tons of road salt through the Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Plan. Trustee Danny Meeker is placing the order.

Meeker reported the township’s 2013 allotment from Jefferson County will be $2,000 worth of hot mix. In another matter, he said the boom mower has been repaired and is ready for spring cutting.

Trustee Frank Litva, who attended the yearly township meeting held by the Jefferson County Engineer’s Office, said the cost for single chipping and sealing one mile of road is $11,063 with the double seal cost for this work being $22,629.

Trustees gave approval for a request from Litva for the township’s road crew to remove the build-up of branches at the second bridge at Jug Run.

According to the road report, Jug Run, Dallas, Turkey Point and Mount Pleasant roads have been graded, and weeds were sprayed. The road crew now is preparing for grass-cutting in the three township cemeteries.

A Cottage Lane resident had several questions and voiced some concerns. He asked about the trustees’ knowledge of pipelines and an evacuation plan in case of an explosion. Another question was about the trustees’ work.

Meeker told their work is to maintain roads and cemeteries.

After the resident said he thought trustees should be on top of the pipeline and gas permit situation, Litva said he attended nine of 10 meetings about this matter, and there are 450 permits issued in Ohio. He also said he just attended a meeting last week.

Litva also said thre are no new permits listed in the newspaper. He also said he had called Chesapeake, and there’s nothing going on.

The trustee added there are no rights-of way regarding pipelines through the township’s roads.

Meeker said he would talk to County Engineer Jim Branagan about an emergency plan.

Trustees noted the spring cleanup and tire collection, planned by the JB Green Team, will be June 27-28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Caruso Oil parking lot, Tiltonsville. For more information, call (740) 266-6899 or (740) 296-5376.

A letter requesting the use of the township building July 6-7 for a Hounds’ Haven project for neutering animals was received.

Sgalla and Litva will attend the April meeting of the Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission.

The trustees’ next regular meeting will be May 8 at 7 p.m.