Yorkville taking part in coalition

YORKVILLE – Village Council this week approved a resolution to participate in a proposed Shared Service Purchase Coalition with Tiltonsville and Rayland.

Council President Pro-Tem Blair Closser emphasized it is not about combining or consolidating the three villages.

Closser represented Yorkville at the March 25 meeting about the proposed Shared Service Purchase Coalition. Also present were Tiltonsville Mayor Kris Prati, Rayland Mayor Tammy Morelli and Tiltonsville Councilman Ty Lollini. Yorkville Mayor John DeFilippo was absent because of health reasons.

There is nothing binding or committed to the coalition unless a village decides to participate. Among the matters discussed was the type of equipment and materials that the towns could purchase as a group and grant writing which would be shared by officials from those villages.

It was noted there is “strength in numbers.”

This type of shared services/collaboration is being pushed by the state and the Gov. John Kasich administration, according to the discussion.

The initial committee would involve the mayors, village administrators and council representatives from the villages participating.

In other matters, Councilwoman Karen Vargo congratulated Councilman Ron Emerson, who has served for a half century as a council member. The milestone was reached in March, and Emerson was given a round of applause.

Council under suspension of rules adopted a solid waste collection and disposal prohibited items ordinance.

Items prohibited are hazardous waste, dead animals, infectious waste, yard waste, television sets, tires, metal, computers, microwaves, paint, paint cans, hypodermic needles and refrigerators. It was noted that any person or household that places any of the prohibited items for garbage collection will be subject to penalties.

For the first offense, the fine is $50; second offense, $100; and third offense and each subsequent offense, $150 fine.

Bruce Antill, village employee, said a village crew will be picking up tires Wednesday, June 26, for the community cleanup and tire collection, sponsored by the JB Green Team.

The clean-up location for Warren Township, including the villages, is the Caruso Oil parking lot, Tiltonsville, June 27-28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and no semi-truck tires will be accepted. The Yorkville Water Department has fliers on acceptable and unacceptable items. Closser, who presided at the meeting in DeFilippo’s absence, said residents could obtain a copy when paying their water bills.

Ron Burton and Denise Szalma of Aflac Insurance provided information and packets regarding policy/plan benefits and limitations as well as Ohio payroll premiums.

Trees hanging over alleys are hitting the village’s garbage packer mirrors, and these need to be trimmed, according to Antill. Also, hedges in an alley behind Walter Street need to be cut.

Antill was told by Closser to approach the residents, asking them to trim the trees and hedges and if they can’t, to get their permission for village workers to do it. He asked Police Chief John Morelli to accompany Antill.

Closser thanked Antill for all his help.

A list of alleys needing work was presented. Councilman Danny Dicenzo said the alleys need to be graded down and sealed.

Vargo said she as well as Antill and Village Administrator Chad Buksa had toured village alleys and had met with John Schultz of Schultz Excavating. She added work is needed on three catch basins.

In answer to a question from Vargo, other council members indicated officials are still planning to sell the village’s old police cruiser. Dicenzo said it’s a 2005 Crown Victoria with a siren and light bar. The minimum bid is $2,500, and anyone interested in purchasing it is to call Morelli, 859-2947.

Council approved a motion to accept a half lot near the Yorkville Post Office. This property on Public Road was donated to the village for property taxes amounting to $46 for a half year. The property owner was thanked.

Emerson asked that village workers look at street signs as some need to be straightened and others need pointed.

Closser reported the village will receive $1,000 in salt and $1,000 in hot mix as its allotment from the county.

Council’s next regular meeting will be May 6 at 7 p.m.