Annual Plant Swap planned June 4

POET Ogden Nash, who once noted, “My garden will never make me famous, I’m a horticultural ignoramus,” apparently never met a Master Gardener or attended a Plant Swap.

By attending the Plant Swap, scheduled Tuesday, June 4, at 7 p.m. at St. Clairsville Memorial Park, located north off U.S. 40 on Spring Avenue, the general public will have the opportunity to swap or obtain plants and to learn more about gardening.

The swap, planned by the Belmont County Master Gardeners is for all gardeners, both experienced and beginners. If a person is like Nash, it’s an opportunity for them to learn more about gardening as they become acquainted with garden enthusiasts and hear speakers.

It isn’t necessary to bring plants to swap but those doing so are asked to label the plant or plants as to name, color, whether sun or shade is preferred and any other pertinent information.

Guest speakers at the Plant Swap will be Fred Holub of Holub’s Greenhouse and Donna Turley of the Belmont County Master Gardeners. They’ll offer advice on perennials and herbs.

Other Master Gardeners will be present to answer questions about The Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Program.

The Master Gardener Volunteer Program has community events to inform others about gardening, gives horticultural advice, has a weekly hotline at (740) 695-1455 and teaches gardening skills to children, youth and adults in addition to planting and maintaining community garden projects. This program has a Facebook page at Belmont County Master Gardeners.

People of all ages can really dig gardens. As writer W.E. Johns once commented, “One of the delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.”

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